Athens - Athens

Athens – Athens
a performance by Vasia Paspali, Angeliki Hatzi, Alexia Karavela

On a ferry going nowhere, two passengers are standing at the gunwale. 
It’s too hot. 
We can hear the ferry announcements.
Athens is both departure point and destination in an exercise of drifting.
Ferry imagery shapes what we see as a present of irrationality, during a static route from Athens to Athens. The performers actions refer to a meaningless come and go while the ferry announcements focus on philosophical matters and thinking.
The performance has been formed around two basic literature references:
“The Summer” by Camus and the phrase of the Ecclesiastes “Wind blow, wind blow, all is wind blow” which is the actual translation of “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity!” 

performed at:
Green park, Athens: Performance biennial / first edition 'No future' / 2016
Kourdisto mantarini, Athens / 2016
Chimeres, Athens / 2016
Surfaces Festival, Venice / 2018

photo credits: Kalliopi Vagianaki
gif credits: Giorgos Efthimiou